Top 5 Gaming Most Popular Online Games (2022)

Top 5 Gaming

1- PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile is a free battle royale game that was developed by Lightspeed & Quantum Studio (a division of Tencent Games). It’s a mobile version of PUBG: Battlegrounds. It was released on Android and iOS on 19 March 2018.

PUBG Mobile

PUBG MOBILE offers the best gameplay experience and fidelity items. PUBG MOBILE will fulfill all your wishes. You can choose from many firearms to test your marksmanship. The game is constantly updated with new items, maps, or modes.

PUBG MOBILE is the best mobile game for multiplayer battles. Play to win, join the battle, and get ready. Enjoy 100-player battles in Classic Mode and Payload. Also, enjoy fast-paced 4v4 Arena battles and Infection Mode. Only survival is important. Be the last man standing. Accept missions, and fire at will.

The mobile platform has seen the grand debut of the world-famous shooting game. You can now play your favorite Battle Royale games on your Android device from anywhere, anytime. Check out our review to learn more about this game.

PUBG Mobile 2022

PUBG Mobile is a survival game where players compete against each other to win. The “survival circle” will surround you, where anything that is not kept outside would gradually decrease in health. There is no escape from this place.

To survive in a survival matchup, you must use your skills and collect equipment. You can defeat them to become the only survivor on the map. You will see an increase in your ranks as you get better results.

2- Fortnite

Fortnite is an online video game developed by Epic Games & released in 2017. There are three game modes available, all with the same gameplay and engine: Fortnite…


Finally, Fortnite’s famous Battle Royale title has made its debut on Android. Mobile users around the globe can now enjoy the thrilling gameplay of Fortnite from their mobile devices whenever and wherever they like. Enjoy the thrilling shooter challenges with your friends or online gamers around the globe.

As you play endless mobile shooter, dive into the smooth gameplay of survival FPS. You can explore the vast maps that offer breathtaking views and immerse yourself in the action-packed and thrilling gameplay. Epic Games’ mobile version of the action game is now available for you to enjoy your gaming experience on the go.

Android gamers will be able to enter the fictional future world in the game. A mysterious global storm has ravaged humanity, killing more than 98%. As one of the few survivors, you will have to face a relentless pack of zombie-like creatures who are out to destroy humanity’s last defenses. Gamers can build their forts and gather weapons to defeat the invaders using the materials and construction tools available in the game.

Fortnite 2022

Fortnite Battle Royale will give you access to the amazing survival FPS gameplay that PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has brought to the gaming world. Android gamers will enjoy battle royale on mobile devices, thanks to Fortnite’s unique elements and classic PUBG gameplay. Enjoy the amazing survival experiences and challenger shootouts in Fortnite.

You’ll play with gamers and friends from around the globe. You will be matched up with other gamers to play in an online massive game that can have as many as 100 players per match. Enjoy the thrill of thrilling fights as you play with other players.

3- Apex Legends

Apex legends, a free-to-play battle royale-hero shooting game, was developed by Respawn Entertainment. It is published by Electronic Arts. It was released on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One in February 2019, and on Nintendo Switch in March 2021. The game will also be available for PlayStation 5 (X/S) and Xbox Series X/S (X/S) in March 2022.

Apex Legends

Apex Legends Mobile, a strategy battle royale game set in the immersive Apex Legends(TM), universe, is a battle royale game that features Legendary character-based gameplay, best squad battles, and fast-paced combat. All this, all in a mobile package.

Multiplayer gaming allows two players to team up and compete against each other. You can combine the unique talents of each Legend to master team roles and synergize plays to dominate Apex Legends Games.

Many fans were surprised to learn that EA decided not to release the third installment after the success of Titanfall 1 & 2. EA launched a battle royale edition of the game instead, which continues the story in the same universe.

While some fans may not be happy with this decision, most people fall in love immediately with the game and it quickly becomes their favorite battle royale other than PUBG. The game was only available for PC and console users until recently, which is a bit disappointing for smartphone users.

EA just released Apex Legends’ first mobile version for Android and iOS. For a better mobile gaming experience, you can now play your favorite game on any of your smartphones. Check out our review to learn more about the game.

Apex Legends 2022

The battlefield between IMC and the resistance army became a wasteland after the events of the previous games. Therefore, the war is over. But, those who do survive will need to find another place for their families.

Our legends were brought to the Frontier worlds by fate, where they will meet again in the Outlands. Each side sends its scouts out to explore and investigate the area in search of valuable goods. Conflict is inevitable.

For this strategic Battle Royale match, form a team of three legends and fight for your victory.

Apex Legend is a game that’s based on the PUBG game. However, it still has some excitement. These are some of the cool features you will love:

4- Minecraft

You can now enjoy the Minecraft Pocket Edition gameplay on mobile devices. Join millions of Android gamers around the globe in this epic 3D adventure to the world of blocks. Explore a whole new world in Minecraft while you are on the move.


You can do what you like in your Minecraft world. There are so many possibilities.

You can explore infinite worlds, and build anything from simple homes to grand castles. You can play in creative mode and have unlimited resources. Or, you can mine the earth in survival mode to create weapons and armor that will protect you from dangerous mobs. You can explore, create and survive on your own or with your friends using mobile devices or Windows 10.

Gamers can enjoy the game as they wish, without any set goals. The game has many great features, including open-world maps, randomly generated mobs, and crafting. There are many ways to play the game.

Minecraft 2022

Additionally, in Minecraft Pocket Edition, you can also freely explore the world with a single player, and gamers can join the exciting online community where millions of gamers are available.

You can also create your server, which Mojang will host, and let up to 10 of your friends join the fun. You can also join your friends online in multiplayer games. You can also access the online servers, which feature thousands of gamers from around the globe.

As you discover Minecraft’s vast community-run servers, you will find completely different gameplay.

5- League of Legends

League of Legends is a multiplayer online battle arena videogame developed and published in 2009 by Riot Games. Riot Games founders were inspired by Defense of the Ancients which is a Warcraft III custom map. They wanted to create a standalone game of the same type.

League of Legends

Wild Rift is the skills-and strategy 5v5 MOBA experience of League of Legends, developed by Riot Games and now available for mobile. You can play with your friends and team up to make big plays.

League of Legends is ready for the next big MOBA game. Play as your favorite heroes in League of Legends Mobile.

Tencent brings you the mobile version of League of Legends, a popular MOBA game for Android. Read our reviews to learn more about this incredible game.

The game takes place in a world called Runeterra where the nations and factions are constantly fighting for dominance. The magical artifacts known as “Runes” are said to be able to power the lands and even create them. This creates conflict between different factions that all want to control the Runes.

League of Legends 2022

Many conflicts and wars have left only destruction & devastation in the land. The “Runes War”, which has lasted for generations, has brought so much sorrow and pain to the people. To prevent more destruction of the lands, some members of the Institute of War formed the League of Legends.

These organized battles will give champions of different factions the chance to show their worth against each other. The Fields of Justice were thus created. Champions can now face the challenges on the three battlefields of Summoner’s Rift and Howling Abyss and Crystal Scar.

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