How to Start a Tarot Youtube Channel – Grow a Tarot Channel (2022)

How can I grow a tarot YouTube channel?

Tarot Youtube Channel

Google Adwords is the best legal way to promote your YouTube videos. This will increase your video’s visibility on YouTube, but it is not free.

You can also follow our YouTube channel to find free ways to grow your Tarot YouTube channel.

1. First, please optimize your YouTube videos for SEO. Descriptions (includes the most popular keywords, such as tarot) and titles (includes the key keywords for each title). Tags (research keywords related to the video topic and then enter them into the video tags). Please note that the title, tags, and description should all be relevant.

2- Search YouTube for similar videos to tarot and see the most popular tarot videos. Keep in mind the comments on these videos. You can reply, answer them, and post your comments to suggest your tarot videos (but not spam).

3- Remember that everyone who watches your video is doing so for his benefit and not yours. This will allow you to see the viewer’s perspective.

4. Reflect on why you subscribe to other tarot channels.

5- Search YouTube for similar videos to tarot and see the top results. Keep in mind the comments on these videos. You will be able to know what they want and what you can generate.

6- Continue to upload tarot videos with interesting & unique content and set a goal to be ranked among the top tarot videos in search results.

7- Enhance your video’s professionalism by adding subtitles to the video, adding a video intro to the video (text that quickly introduces your video), and adding a video outro at its end. You could also ask viewers to leave comments, access your website, or use YouTube Movie Maker to edit your videos.

8- Create a unique thumbnail for your videos. A very attractive thumbnail can encourage potential viewers to click on your video.

9- Create playlists for your videos. Please don’t put all videos in one category.

10- Create a website to support your YouTube channel subscribers.

11- Create a channel trailer.

12- Make comments about your niche videos.

13- reply to comments as more as possible so that your viewers could understand that you are loyal to them.

14- Tell your friends and family about your videos and channel, and get them to share them with others.

How do I make a living at reading tarot?

The best way to make money reading Tarot is to start your own YouTube channel. The public can receive general tarot interpretations for no cost. This allows you to share your talents and expertise. Personal readings can be offered for a fee. You decide the fees. YouTube will let you monetize your videos once you have 1000 subscribers. Google AdSense will give you more income options as your subscribers grow.

To accept payments from clients or YouTube, you will first need to open a bank account. The majority of readers use PayPal. PayPal is also available for accepting donations via a “Go Fund Me” account.

YouTube allows creators to accept donations and payment through “SuperChat” during live sessions. Once you reach the $100.00 monthly threshold, all money collected will be deposited into your bank account. YouTube takes fees from all transactions.

You can also make money online by joining any of the numerous Facebook groups that have Tarot & Psychic readers. Each group has its own rules. Most require you to offer at least one free reading per week in return for your membership. Apple also offers Instant-go, an app that allows you to request readings instantly. You can request readings for your iPhone or iPad through this app. You set your fees and the money goes straight into your account, with no fees.

Locally, you could organize parties with friends and family members. They can invite their guests and offer you paid readings. You can create your prices and no one else will deduct fees.

These are just a few ideas.

Although I’m not sure if Tarot Reading can be a “living” profession, you can use your gifts to generate some income.

I listened to a lot of general tarot readings on YouTube. It ruined my relationship and my life. Has anyone else had this experience?

Yes. Many people have experienced it. It has been something I’ve done for over a year. Listening to youtube general readings is a great way to get my spouse’s realization. If the reader makes a mistake about my partner, I ask him or question him. There were times when we had to fight over stupid questions and suspicions. If I hear anything negative about our relationship, it makes me feel sad. While I don’t have much work, I am very busy and I enjoy these videos. These videos were recommended to me by a friend and I haven’t stopped watching them ever since.

They do seem to resonate with our lives & situations because most people live in similar situations. …. This is how they are accurate. These cards are easy to read by tarot readers because they don’t need to be precise. Even we might be able to read the cards. It is best to go personally and get a reading. Even if it is, I don’t want anyone to see my stupidity.

One thing I know is that you shouldn’t be afraid of your relationships or life getting in the way. If it’s meant to happen, it will. If it doesn’t, it will not happen.. and you will feel a gut feeling that is 99 percent accurate. You can learn to be kind to yourself and listen to your feelings. You won’t feel hurt. You will never feel hurt if you do the right thing.

I realized my error while writing to you. It’s great that you asked this question. Sometimes, we need someone to help us see that we are making the same mistakes. You might be a girl, I suppose. Because I’m a girl, and girls are more interested in tarot reading…

Can tarot card readings be wrong?

MULTIPLE readers’ readings are always wrong. Always. It’s not an accident. It is not true. For the past month, I’ve been told that every week, I’ll get a job opportunity. (This has not happened yet… it’s been several months), and someone from my past will declare undying affection, blah blah. I’ve been single for 3 years and no one has ever approached me.) The best “prediction” is my moving, traveling, etc. I broke it as a joke. I can’t travel even if I was playing basketball.

I am referring to the fact that I was a fervent believer in tarot and spent a lot of time waiting for them to be right. It hasn’t happened yet and it won’t. Tarot can be wrong. I’m not implying that it is impossible. Runes seem to be more accurate. Although there is not 100%, Runs are at least accurate most of the time.

I won’t ever get another tarot card reading. I don’t believe the universe will give me back what I put out. Sometimes, no matter how positive you think you are, the universe rewards you with misery and suffering. I am now on the dark side. Perhaps I will be rewarded if I turn into a terrible person. The universe lies, but the cards lie. Tarot does not always provide accurate readings. The cards can lie. Do not believe anyone telling you otherwise.

Is tarot card reading a scam?

Anyone who has tarot cards in their hands and is doing a spread before you isn’t a fraudster. The energy is used to draw the cards. Although I’m not a professional tarot reader, I have been reading cards for 13 years. It is a hobby. I was 16 years old when my first prediction was that my mate was pregnant. Two weeks later it turned out she was. They didn’t come in handy again.

Now, let’s go back to a few years ago when I was looking through an old box for my cards. I was in a relationship with a man at the time, so I sent him a text asking him to guess what I found. He asked me to do a reading on our relationship. I pulled out 9 …… cards and told him the meaning. The next night, he came to my house and shuffled the cards. He pulled out 9 cards ……. I shuffled and boomed almost the same cards …… the cards stated that we would be happy, then split up, and one would go on a journey, and one would become very sick. After being fixed, one would marry, have a child, and then get divorced.

Three years later, we split up. When I ask about our relationship, I get the same cards, but with slight differences due to time. After a while we were apart, he was able to get a check through and went on a trip. I became sick but was treated during surgery. Now I’m due to marry next week. You can believe what you want, but it all depends on your ability to interpret the meaning of the cards.

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