What are the Top 5 Questions to ask an Interviewer (2022)

best questions to ask in an interview?

Now it’s your turn When your job interview is over, you might be asked the last question: “What can you answer for me?” Interviewers will expect you to answer some questions.

best questions to ask in an interview 2024

You don’t want to ask questions. This could make you appear unprepared or disinterested. So, be prepared to have questions ready for the hiring manager.

This is not a job search. You’re interviewing for the employer to find out if the company and position are right for you.

You are doing well in your interview. The interview is over. You have answered all questions correctly and are now ready to leave. The last question you will be asked is, “Do you have any questions?” Always answer yes if you want to be considered for the job.

A list of questions you can ask the interviewer will make you appear interested, enthusiastic, and engaged. These are all qualities employers look for. This is also a final opportunity to highlight relevant skills and experience.


You should have at least four to five questions that you can ask the interviewer. This way, even if you get only one or two answers during the previous discussion, you will have backups.

Asking questions that are too focused on the organization’s capabilities is a bad idea. When you have a job offer, save questions about salary and holiday allowance. Avoid questions that require you to answer yes or no. You’ll likely find the information on the company website.

It’s okay to ask the interviewer questions, but avoid asking about things that have been covered before. It’s not a good idea to assume that they haven’t been paying enough attention. Here are some questions you can ask during an interview if you need inspiration

You already know that, regardless of whether you are stressed or relaxed, or whether you think you have lost the conversation or have this job under your belt, the worst thing to say is “Nope, it’s fine.”

best questions to ask in an interview 2023

Interviews are more than just an opportunity for the hiring manager. It’s also your chance to find out if the job is right for you. It’s important to ask questions. What are your questions about the job? The company? The department? The team? Interviewer: This could be your future boss, coworker, or mid-afternoon tea buddy.

We’ve compiled a list of key questions that interviewees should ask to get them thinking. While we don’t recommend asking them all at once, some of these topics will be covered in the course of the discussion. You can also ask questions during the conversation. You might also sound like you are reading through a list of questions and not listening to the answers. These questions should be tailored to the job or asked questions that are specific to the job. This will show that you care about the job and have been attentive throughout the interview process.

It is a good idea to shift the interview from asking pre-determined questions to a conversation between professionals. It is important to identify issues and brainstorm and allow each person to be themselves. Do not be a “powerful hiring manager” or a “hopeful candidate”.

1. Ask a question early

You will notice from the beginning that some interviewers are very social or serious. Asking a few questions early can help you learn a lot about the interviewer, whether they are in the interview room or before sitting down. You can test the waters. This simple question will reveal a lot. You may need to work if you give short, sharp answers.

2. You should be ready to change your strategy

If you are a particularly “serious” or social interviewer, this is true. You will need to provide the structure if you are “social”. Ask questions about the role, and what the company is looking to you for. Then, follow up with details about why you’re a good fit. You will need to be friendly at all times. You may have to show your professionalism early on in an interview if you are considered serious. You should answer questions clearly and concisely, then follow up with examples and detailed support.

best questions to ask in an interview

3. Don’t give up

You should continue to try to make connections with your traditional or more serious interviewer. You may find the time to ask more casual questions after about 15-20 minutes. Ask “about the company’s greatest challenge” or “about the company’s three largest growth opportunities.” Managers can ask these questions to get into the habit of talking about topics they are familiar with or enjoy. Once that happens, it’s more likely that they will ask you related questions or get you involved. It is a more relaxed and honest conversation. You as a consultant vs. candidate with a hot lamp.

4 How is your company’s performance evaluated?

It’s simple and you don’t have to ask any questions you shouldn’t. Interviewers will likely give you a detailed description of the performance review and may also ask how it was handled in your previous company.

You can use this to make the question more interesting and to show that you are willing to work with them.

How can I maximize the performance review process so that I do my best for the company?

A similar question is also about the reward system.

5 What are the responsibilities and duties of this position?

Interviewers may present the job in a glamorous manner. Interviewers might exaggerate the job’s benefits. Interviewers may exaggerate the benefits of this job. It is important to discuss the problems with them. Interviewers will appreciate this question because it will show that you are honest and will be able, to tell the truth.

6 Tell me more about your team.

It is important to get to know your fellow interviewers over the next five days. Interviewers will discuss the size of your team, the members’ experience, background, environment, and how you work together.

best questions to ask in an interview 2025

7- With which departments or teams would you like to collaborate?

To better understand the job you want, ask another question. My experience has shown that working with other departments and teams is beneficial and difficult. Each of our objectives, areas and expertise, work styles, methods, and work styles are different. This question shows that you can think beyond your responsibilities to see your job as part of a larger picture that could include other departments within the company.

8- What is it to be successful at this job and in this company?

This is a great coaching question for job interviews. Instead of asking “Are there targets?” Ask about the evaluation of your performance within the company and on the job. This will give you an idea of what you can expect beyond the numbers.

9 – What training will it entail?

It is important to understand the support you will get to improve your career. This will help you understand the company’s view of training. This will help you determine whether the training is formal and lasts for a few days with additional assistance or casual at your desk. This information is crucial to understanding what you are getting.

10 How would you describe the culture of your company?

You have probably seen information on the company’s culture online. It is worthwhile to ask about the corporate culture of your interlocutor. This is especially important if you are talking to potential bosses or coworkers.

11- What advice would you give me on how to work with my boss.

Your happiness is determined by your relationship with your boss. You probably already know this. Who hasn’t had a great boss? “How can I work with your boss?” You should direct your concerns to the manager. It is important to find out if your boss will set aside time for 1:1s or team meetings, and if they are willing to help you move up.

best questions to ask in an interview 2026

12 How has the firm helped your professional development?

Asking about the company’s impact on staff development can help you determine how serious an interviewer is about it. Perhaps they were promoted or have learned something new. Ask about their work experience and get inspired.

13 – Where do they see themselves in the future?

This question will help you to get a feel for the direction of the company and whether the interviewer plans on staying with the company. This question can give you insight into the company’s goals and plans.

14- Do they have fun?

It is a positive sign if the interviewer enjoys their job.

15 – What can you expect of your team members in this role?

Sometimes job descriptions are just marketing jargon to attract interest. This question can help you understand what you will be doing and what your expectations are. These questions are expected and respected by hiring managers. Asking for details about the job requirements shows that you care about the job, want to understand all facts before making a decision, and are willing to ask tough questions.

16 – Will these expectations change over time?

This question is similar to the one above. This question is a great follow-up because it helps you to understand your potential and what you are getting yourself into. Keep your ears wide open. Many hiring managers will try to avoid answering your question or repeat old answers. They may not want to answer your questions, but they might not want to give you an advantage in salary negotiations. Keep track of any questions they don’t answer honestly and make a mental note of it to return to during salary negotiations.

best questions to ask interview

17 – What’s a day like at [company]?

Your dedication to the company, and your ability to learn the “lay of the land”, is a sign of your commitment. Many hiring managers will explain basic schedules, events, or projects to their employees. Do not expect or demand detailed explanations of clients and projects. They must still protect intellectual property. You should be more focused on the culture, atmosphere, people, and values of your company. Ask about company picnics and newsletters. Executives love to boast about their relationship with the team so they should be open to answering this question.

18 – Where does the company stand in five years?

This question serves two purposes. The first is stability. The answer from the hiring manager will tell you how stable the company is. It is not a good idea to work in an organization that plans to lay off employees. This question shows interviewers that you care about the company, and are looking to establish a long-lasting relationship. Hiring managers want to find long-term employees who will stay with the company for a few years.

19 – What are the next steps for the job process?

Asking questions about the next steps demonstrates that you are positive and interested in the job. Managers appreciate self-esteem. Don’t be too excited, or you could end up sounding arrogant. It’s a good idea to ask about the next steps. This will help you avoid worrying about whether it’s too early to check in again.

20 – Why did this job appeal to you?

This question can help you assess a candidate’s enthusiasm for the job. This question can help you assess if the candidate can understand the job posting or if they are responding blindly. This question can be connected to the resume to see if they have any relevant experience.

21- Describe your decision-making process.

Most jobs require decision-making. This question will help you to understand the thought process of a candidate and assess their critical thinking. This question can help you determine if they can think clearly or impulsively.

22 – What would you do first in this job?

This question will help you evaluate the candidate’s knowledge of your company and the job. The candidate’s response will reveal their priorities and what they might do in the job. This is a great question to ask during more advanced interviews.

best questions to ask in an interview 2029

23 – What excites and enthuses you about this opportunity?

This question can be used to gauge a candidate’s enthusiasm about the job. Excitedness about a job is often a sign that a candidate will do good work and be successful. You should look for details about the job and your company that show their understanding of the opportunity.

24 Is there something about my resume or background that you are unsure if I’m a good candidate for this job?

This question shows that you are invested in the job, and dedicated to learning about your potential as a candidate. It will allow you to address any concerns and allow you to answer them. This question should be asked at the end of an interview to assess your position in the job search.

These are some of the best interview questions you can ask employers to get an edge over your competition. To ensure your success, make sure you include the interview questions above in every conversation.

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